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Detail of “Tropicandi Treat # 2 Beaded Necklace” by Anna Arnold for WyldSyde Jewelry Co. 2011 17 3/4” long Polymer clay, painted wood,chevron and lamp work glass, turquoise mosaic, turquoise, dyed stone, metal, plastic on nylon string See this necklace and others at Deering Vintage! Deering Vintage 2678 West 14th Street Cleveland, OH 44113-5216 - (216) 274-1211 . Beginning Friday, February 11, 6 to 10pm Also visit Anna’s website to see a collection of uncommonly gorgeous beaded necklaces for sale:

Wyldsyde Jewelry Co. by Anna Arnold

From The Cleveland Free Press, February 2, 2011 Posted by K. Paul Mallasch, Publisher Local Cleveland Artist Anna Arnold Launches WyldSyde Jewelry Co. Local Cleveland artist creates one of a kind beaded necklaces that make a daring fashion statement CLEVELAND, OH - Artrepreneur Anna Arnold recently announced the opening of WyldSyde Jewelry Co., an online company that will feature a collection of unusually gorgeous, handcrafted beaded necklaces. Following the success of Anna Arnold ART Studio in 2010, Anna said, “The past year has been an exciting one of accomplishment for me as an artist with public murals and earning a Masters in Art Education.. It was time to open the beads shop because so many people stop me on the street to tell me how much they enjoy the beads and ask where they can buy them. “Now collectors can discover new, one of a kind pieces at their leisure 24 hours a day from the website. Purchases can be made securely through Paypal and are shipped directly from my studio. These new jewelry creations are also economy friendly at $50 to $65 per strand.” WyldSyde’s contemporary collection range from the bright, energizing “Tropicandi Treat” to the “Song of Africa” featuring hand carved, brass and glass trade beads from West Africa to the whimsical “Bouffant Twins” featuring polymer clay faces. The necklaces are made from an exciting mixture of mosaic turquoise, brass, polymer clay, lamp work glass beads and even exotic seeds from Indonesia. . .

Contact Anna Arnold

You can contact Anna Arnold at:

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Artists and Robin VanLear talk about their projects during the CMA Chalk Festival in September 2010

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project 2010

November  6, 2010 — Anna Arnold has completed work on of a large-scale public mural for the Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project in Cleveland, Ohio. This 8’ X 32’ public mural is inspired by the theme of “A Sense of Place” and was created by Anna with some assistance from community members. Anna’s mural is one of four that will be installed in Cleveland’s vibrant and diverse University Circle area.

On Saturday, November 6 from 11:45am to 4:00pm, there will be a free Lolly the Trolley Tour of the 4 Community Murals.

Here are photo albums that show Anna’s process of her mural from the arrival of the mural panels in October to the live television appearance on “Kickin’ it With Kenny” Fox 8 News Friday, November 5th!

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 1:!/album.php?aid=2091520&id=1182123793

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 2:

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 3:!/album.php?aid=2093855&id=1182123793

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 4:!/album.php?aid=2094705&id=1182123793

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 5:

Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project, Album 6, Kickin it With Kenny:


Cleveland Museum of Art, Sculpture Center and Cleveland Institute of Art collaborate with other institutions on symposia and community murals

Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2010, 1:34 PM     Updated: Wednesday, November 03, 2010, 4:20 PM

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CMAMural,Nov.1 & 2 006.jpg

View full size Cleveland artist Anna Arnold puts the finishing touches on a mural she’s completing as part of an outreach project organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art. A free tour of four community murals completed as part of the project will be held Saturday.

Art institutions talk about collaboration but rarely engage in it. It’s different this fall in Cleveland. The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Sculpture Center, among others, are engaged in several group endeavors this month. Two events will occur Saturday in and around University Circle, and a third is scheduled for later in November.

On Saturday, the Sculpture Center, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and the art institute will hold a daylong symposium on “The State of Sculpture.” The event will run from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with discussions on the fourth floor of the art institute’s Joseph McCullough Center for the Visual Arts, 11610 Euclid Ave. A reception will follow from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Sculpture Center, 1834 East 123rd St. The gathering will double as the opening for an exhibition of works by Beth Campbell, who will be an artist in residence at the art institute in the spring.



The symposium is to examine the changing role of an evolving art form that can incorporate film, video, performance, installations or just about anything other than work on a two-dimensional surface.

Silverthorne Jeanne Back and Forth.jpg

View full size  A work by Jeanne Silverthorne, keynote speaker at a symposium scheduled for Saturday at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Photo by Jeanne Silverthorne.

A keynote address will be given at 11:30 a.m. by Jeanne Silverthorne, an artist and educator at the School of Visual Arts at Columbia University in New York. For details, call 216-229-6527 or go to

Also on Saturday, the Cleveland Museum of Art will serve as home base for several free Lolly the Trolley tours to see four new murals commissioned from local artists by the museum. Tours are scheduled at 11:45 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. and will each last an hour and 15 minutes.

The murals are the latest step in a community-outreach program funded under a $219,000 grant from the Cleveland Foundation and led by the museum’s Robin VanLear, director of community arts.

Artists Neal Hamilton, Anna Arnold, Jerome T. White and Ed Parker painted murals respectively for the Renaissance Center, 8111 Quincy Ave.; the Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, 8611 Hough Ave.; the Glenville Development Center, 10650 St. Clair Ave., all of those in Cleveland; and the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center, 14801 Shaw Ave., East Cleveland.

The artists developed concepts during community meetings over the past year in consultation with residents of the Fairfax, Hough and Glenville neighborhoods in Cleveland and a portion of East Cleveland.

The artists then created rough versions of their mural concepts during the museum’s annual Chalk Festival in September, and later worked up permanent versions in acrylic on metal panels. The murals, now finished, are ready for viewing.

Later in the month, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20, the museum will hold a dialogue with four contemporary-art curators from across the region on changing views of new art in their communities and institutions.

Participants will be Christopher Bedford, chief curator of the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus; Dan Byers, associate curator of contemporary art at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh; Margo Crutchfield, senior curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland; and Paola Morsiani, curator of contemporary art at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Tickets are $10. For details on the museum’s programs, call 216-421-7340 or visit the museum’s website,

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Media Coverage on the Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project


Anna Arnold ART 2010: Updated Resume


Anna Arnold of Cleveland, Ohio, earned a Masters in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University in 2010 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. She was quickly recognized from the beginning of her career for vibrant expressive portraits influenced by the mix of identity and celebrity in popular American culture and was well-known in the Ohio art scene when her work was featured in an exhibit at SPACES Gallery in Cleveland in 1988. 

Anna Arnold continues to be an active and prolific artist and art educator who has produced hundreds of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry for over 25 years and has exhibited in over 200 galleries, museums and venues across the United States. 

Resume (Edited) 

2011 - “Looking Inward: An Invitational Exhibition”, The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio, March 11 – April 16.

2010 - “Unfolding Identity”, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ceveland, Ohio, May 3 – August 6

2010 - “Anna Arnold . Martin Boyle: Learning, Creating and Teaching”, Master of Art Education Exhibition”, The Art Studio, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH., March 22 – April 16

2009 - “SmArt in the City: Freedom the Make it II”, The Art Studio, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 
Anna taught painting and drawing with Martin Boyle to 5th, 6th and 7th grade Cleveland children in a summer art day camp program. Other instructors taught ceramics and West African drumming, dance, and music. Funded by Case Western Reserve University, The Cleveland Foundation and UBS Wealth Management. July-August

2009 - “Each in Their Own Voice: African-American Artists in Cleveland, 1960 - 2005, Cleveland State University Gallery, Cleveland, OH., January 23 - March 7 (catalogue available)

2008 - “Women Watch/Student Watch”, Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, OH., March 14 - April 13

2008 - “Have We Forgotten…Still in Chains”, Cleveland State University Gallery, January 18 - February 9, group exhibition curated by Shari Cloud, director, Sankofa Fine Arts Plus

2007 - John Adams Black Heritage Alumni Silent Auction, Cleveland, OH., September 23, (sales of art and items provides scholarships for graduates of John Adams High School)

2006 - American Cancer Benefit and Live Auction, Cleveland OH., Sept. (Anna worked with child cancer patients to create a unique painting for the live auction)

2006 - DanceCleveland, commissioned portrait of Garth Fagan, choreographer of The Lion King, February

2006 - Cleveland Orchestra’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award, January

2005 - “Anna Arnold: The Queen of Color”, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Feb.- April

2004 - “Collector’s Choice”, Heights Arts Gallery, Cleveland Heights, OH., Feb/Mar

2004 - “Heroes and Heroines”, South Bend Regional Art Museum, South Bend, IN., Nov 03/Jan 04 

2003 - “12TH Annual Women’s Invitational: Anna Arnold,” Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, OH., August thru Oct.

2003 - “Victory Over Violence” mural, (artist in residence with 5th graders), Huron Road Hospital, East Cleveland, spring (more)

2003 - “GuitarMania”, benefit sponsored by the United Way, 10 ft. fiberglass guitar permanently installed on the corner of E.9TH and Lakeside, Cleveland

2002 - “Coventry Peace Mural”, Coventry Elementary School, Cleveland Hts., OH

2002 - “The Darkest Sisters: Visions and Stories”, Mather Gallery, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, January/March

2001 - “Children of the World Mural”, Fairwood Elementary School, Berea, OH., (All 400 students screated a small piece to embellish one of the 8 oversized cutouts representing children from 6 continents)

2001 - Juror, “Celebration of the Spirit: Outdoor Art at Lakeview Cemetary”, (with Brooke Barrie, director/curator of the Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ.), Lakeview Cemetary, Cleveland, June

2000 - Toni Morrison Society’s 2ND Biannual Conference, Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH., (Anna gave a one-woman exhibit of 90 works at Stocker Gallery)

2000 - Promega Corporation Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin

1999 - “Bold Strokes: Outsiders on the Inside”, Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, OH.

1999 - “The Balancing Act: Teapots Redefined 2”, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA.

1999 - “Eye to I: Self-Portraits by Anna Arnold and Mark Howard”, Akron Art Museum, OH.

1998 - “GLOBE”, Historic Main Library, Cleveland, (Anna Arnold, George Bowes, Lyneise Williams and a team of artists created a gigantic stationary globe built from fiberglass and covered in stained glass mosaic and ceramic tiles made by 200 children working at 10 Cleveland branch libraries in 1996. The GLOBE is on the 4TH floor where the Children and Foreign Literature departments are located. The GLOBE was unveiled during the rededication of the Main Library on May 21, 1999. Funded by the Eaton Corporation)

1998 - “Innervisions: Individuality and Creativity Among Ohio Artists of African Descent”, National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, OH.

1997 - “Fifth Annual Women’s Invitational”, Florence O’Donnel Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio, Nov. 97-Jan. 98

Professional Art and Education Memberships

2010 - Ohio Art Education Association
2010 - National Art Education Association
2010 - National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

Anna Arnold ART 2010: listings

Anna Arnold ART 2010: The shop is COMING!

 Anna Arnold commercial, Store opening Friday, June 25th!

Anna Arnold ART 2010: shop video

Anna Arnold video Ad 2, shop opening June 25th

 Anna Arnold ART 2010: Video, preparing art for shop

Anna Arnold ART 2010: The shop

On Friday, June 25th, enjoy the GRAND OPENING of Anna Arnold ART’s online shop on!

Revitalize your spirit and your living space with bold, new, one-of-a-kind painted portraits. This is vibrant, expressive art for dynamic people!

This limited series of mini masterpiecs on stretched canvas start at ONLY $40 each! 

Read More

 Anna Arnold with fellow Masters grad students at Case Western Reserve Unversity, May 2010

Anna Arnold recently graduated with an MA (Master of Art in Art Education) degree from  Case Western Reserve University in May 2010. Her teachers’ license will qualify her to teach art from kindergarten through 12th grade in public and private schools. She is also interested in working in the education department of an established art museum, art organization or gallery or community center.

The Graduate 2010, Masters of Art in Art Education, Case Western Reserve University

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